NEW FOR 2017-18 - Project Teacher is a volunteer-run organization with sometimes limited inventory and a small retail footprint. With the high demand of teachers wanting to visit Project Teacher, our new eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • To be eligible to shop, teachers must be state-certified and teaching full-time in own classroom.
  • Teaching at a Project Teacher partner school. Partner schools are sites where principals have filled out application and send in approved teacher list (only teachers on this list will be eligible to shop at the free store).
  • Eligible teachers will be allowed to shop at the Free Store ONCE per semester.


Please send your 2017-18 teacher lists to Project Teacher's director via email or by mail to PO BOX 9062 Wichita, KS 67277 as soon as possible. Updated lists can be sent throughout the schoolyear.

All lists should include teachers interested in shopping at Project Teacher and willing to receive emails from our organization updating them of events and shop times. These lists need to be sent from your principal's email address or printed on school letterhead and signed by the school principal. Lists should only include current state certified teachers, and must include the teaching assignments of each (subject or grade level taught).

2017-2018 Enrolled Shopping Schools

Teachers who meet the basic qualifications to shop at Project Teacher, and are teaching in Enrolled Shopping Schools which have submitted current rosters, can shop once per semester (First Semester: August-December + Second Semester: January-May)

The following schools are participating as 2017-18 Enrolled Shopping Schools:

Adams Elementary School

Amelia Earhart Elementary

Beech Elementary School

Burrton Middle/High School

Clark Elementary School

Coleman Middle School

College Hill Elementary School

Curtis Middle School

Enders Open Magnet School

Gammon Elementary

Greiffenstein-Wells Alternative School

Hadley Middle School

Harry Street Elementary School

Horace Mann Magnet School

Haven Grade School

Jackson Elementary School

Little Early Childhood Center

L'Ouverture Magnet School

Marshall Middle School

Maize Central Elementary

Maize Complete High School

Maize Middle School

Mayberry Middle School

OK Elementary School

Ortiz Elementary School

Oxford Elementary School

Park Elementary School

Pleasant Valley Elementary School

Pleasant Valley Middle School

Riverside Elementary School

Robinson Middle School

Ruth Clark Elementary

St. Catherine of Sienna

St. Mary Catholic School - Newton, KS

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School

St. Patrick Catholic School

Stucky Middle School

Valley Center High School

White Elementary School