The 2016-17 school year brought us our Project Teacher Mobile program that visits schools throughout the Greater Wichita. With the recent extension of the school day, teachers found it difficult to attend open shopping nights. This program allows us to go to individual schools over the lunch hour  alleviating the burden on teachers traveling to the Free Store.

Our goal is to continue to expand this program making it more effective and serving more students. With YOUR partnership we will be able to cover the operating costs of the mobile unit for an entire year and equipping the vehicle with the new shelving allowing us to bring more products to the schools. We believe that this partnership will allow us to at least our impact in our community.


Eligible Schools may request Project Teacher Mobile to come to their site once per school year depending on Project Teacher staff availability and if the school meets the general requirements listed below. Teachers receive supplies at a Project Teacher Mobile event are still eligible to shop at the Project Teacher store. Mobile site eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • There cannot be more than 75 teaching staff. This resource is for teachers to get supplies for their classrooms, and not a general staff appreciation event.
  • Schools must be located within 1 hour drive of West Wichita (67212).