We are a volunteer-run non-profit so all financial donations go directly to program costs. Our first year was extremely successful in making a lasting impact in our community and we experienced rapid growth. As we continue to grow, we have compiled a "wish-list" of items needed to grow:

  1. RETAIL/WAREHOUSE SPACE - We have outgrown our current space and are actively pursuing a new location. We are looking for a community partner to offer space for warehousing and/or our retail store. This space ideally would have a loading dock for freight-truck access.
  2. FORKLIFT - A large portion of our donations come on large semis from all over the nation. We are looking for a donated forklift or the use of one (with 24-hour notice). 
  3. CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP - As we build our local sustainability we are looking for local corporate sponsors to help continue the success of Project Teacher. For more information, click here.