We are deeply grateful for your interest in supporting the work we do in the Greater Wichita Area. Your investment will enable us to make a difference in area schools throughout our mission to ensure that all children have the tools they need to succeed in school. By giving $25, you will provide one student with the tools they need for one year. Giving $250 supports and entire classroom with the tools to succeed. 

To make a gift by credit card today, you can do so at our PUSHPAY site.

If you have any questions about making your gift, you can contact Terry Johnson at (316) 361-6465 or email at


Project Teacher is grateful to the different corporate partners who have helped dour organization serve teachers and students in the Wichita area. These relationships provide critical financial support, enabling us to enhance the services and programs we offer. Project Teacher welcomes sustainable, mutually beneficial partnerships that reward everyone involved - our sponsors, the organization and most importantly Classrooms in Need in the Greater Wichita Area. 

Project Teacher is committed to providing our partners with curated sponsorship and branding opportunities that work best for them. Each relationship is customized to achieve the company's marketing objectives and provide brand maximum awareness while also highlighting the mission of Project Teacher.