School Supplies. Changing Lives.

In the schools we serve, an average of seven out of ten kids are enrolled in a federal nutrition program. These families are focused on their day-to-day survival, and our school supplies go a long way to erase barriers and make these kids feel like everyone else. When students return to school in January, most likely they will return to classrooms in desperate need of supplies.

Please consider giving to Project Teacher this holiday season to help local classrooms in need:

• $10 = supplies for students

• $25 = supports one teacher with classroom supplies

• $50 = supports an entire classroom with core supplies

• $100 = administrative support for Project Teacher (storage/freight fees)


Project Teacher is currently looking for additional warehouse space as well as retail shelving to support our growing store. Contact if you would like to help support in this way.


Project Teacher is a grass-roots initiative formed on a simple idea: teachers need tools to teach, and students need supplies to learn.  Knowing first-hand what it takes to open a classroom for students and then to maintain throughout the course of the school year, we want to do whatever we can possible to equip teachers to succeed.

Project Teacher supports public education in the Greater Wichita area by giving students and teachers free classroom supplies. We operate the only volunteer-run Free Store for Teachers in Kansas, which is stocked with supplies donated by the community.

We believe that every child deserves school supplies and has the right to a quality education and by offering this service to our teachers, we will be able to assist them in effectively teaching their class. With supply drives and generous contributions of gently used supplies from  businesses in South-Central Kansas, Project Teacher will be a leading resource for teachers in our community.


To date Project Teacher events or services have served:

• 148 volunteers have served with Project Teacher

• 89 schools in the Greater Wichita Area

• 608 teachers have shopped at Project Teacher in Wichita

• 16,782 students in the Greater Wichita Area have benefited

• Over $225,000 in free supplies given